My name is Jason Runo and I am the creator, producer and host of Kenya’s premier improv comedy Show Because You Said So!.

I studied Communication Arts at Daystar University, Nairobi then moved to Cape Town to train as an actor at the City Varsity Film School.

I am an avid travel enthusiast. Perhaps my most meaningful journey was an epic road trip from Nairobi to Cape Town and back. Dubbed ‘The Jubilee Ride 2013’, the 10,500 km journey saw myself, a team of 7 support crew and 7 motorcyclist travellers raise 15 million Kenya shillings for Nairobi Chapel’s Jubilee Scholarship fund. 50 students in need are now able to get through high school.
My other epic journey, a road trip from Africa To Brazil In 2014 which I joined my friend Florian Keller in South America(Florian drove all the way from Nairobi to Rio De Janiero read about his journey here www.africatobrazil.com). It was after this trip that I was inspired host my d├ębut travel photography exhibition, “My Travel Story”. I exhibited pictures from Africa, Asia, Europe, North and South America. I have appeared on stage and TV shows such as Sarafina!, Sumu La Penzi and the Mambo Musical. I have also worked with corporate clients including Microsoft, Vivo Energy, Citi Bank, Metropolitan Canon, Rupu, Eddah’s Hope Cancer Foundation, Kpmg, Aaro Accounting systems among others.

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